lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

My Hummingbird!

This is my Hummingbird. By Karen Lindsay.
Just finished in this last day  of October. I have used silk thread and cotton thread nr.20, and white cristal beads, two black beads to the eyes. A lot of split rings in this motiv/pattern.Halloween, this is my Halloween Pumpinks in my garden today. Halloween night
Isa 2011

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  1. Congratulations on tatting this! I've seen the pattern and it's hard to read so you deserve an award!

  2. Great hummingbird! Love your color choices! :)

  3. Thanks Gina yes it's thrue that you said about the pattern!
    Thanks God's Kid!

  4. Have tryed this pattern twice still can't get it right, will have to try again now as you have done it so must be able to.


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